Benefits of PlasDeck Synthetic Teak Decking

  • PlasDeck is the only synthetic teak decking made in the USA.
  • PlasDeck is the only synthetic teak decking with non-migrating plasticizers and that means better adhesion, better UV resistance and better durability.
  • PlasDeck has antifungals in the product, meaning mold and mildew will just wash right off the decking.
  • PlasDeck is the only synthetic decking product to win the IBEX innovation award.
  • PlasDeck has the industry's best adhesion rating owning to it's patented embossed bottom. This unique design has been shown to allow installers to get all the air out from under the decking creating far superior adhesion compared to the competitors.

  • PlasDeck eliminates the need for expensive deck fiberglass and gelcoat repairs.

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