Custom Installation

   The traditional pattern shown here resembles the classic look of yachts from yesteryear. The margins or edging was originally designed to seal the cut ends of the teak. While not an issue with PlasDeck, it makes for a classic look and is one of the most popular designs, especially on sailboats.
 The New York pattern shown here is a slightly more contemporary look. It got it's name from the NY Yankees uniform with their distinctive pinstripes. This pattern has a great advantage in smaller spaces, keeping the look from becoming too busy, and giving the illusion of more space.
  There is a third option known as the hybrid pattern. This one combines the two previous patterns and is most typically used on swim platforms. A border on the aft edge, but no border at the transom. It can also be used all over the entire deck, helping keep the lines of the boat intact. It can also help hide hatches and other features that you don't want to accent.

  Regardless of the pattern you choose you can be assured that you will have the finest synthetic decking available anywhere. Installed by our factory trained technicians,, PlasDeck


Great Lakes Teak LLC
Chicago, IL 60603

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