About Us

 We at Great Lakes Teak are a couple of avid boaters and have enjoyed boating on the Great lakes for 30+ years. Jeff is the avid
 power boater as well as an accomplished sailor, while Bill has spent most of his time on Lake Michigan and Lake Erie in a sailboat. As we
 have gotten older and life has presented more responsibilities, we both came to realize that while a fair amount of maintenance is just a fact of life on a boat, there are some things that can be eliminated or skipped all together and make for more leisure time on the water. And one of those things we discovered a few years ago is sanding and oiling teak. Long a staple of life on a sailboat and finer power boats, this time consuming and costly chore is now a thing of the past.  While we were researching the best products to put on our boats, we discovered PlasDeck made right here in the Midwest. Through the miracle of science and technology, the only American company to make synthetic teak, has developed a product that is just as beautiful as the real thing and is also affordable enough for the average boater. But perhaps the best part is that it's maintenance free as well as durable enough to last the lifetime of your boat. So we went to Ohio to look at the product and tour the factory and we fell in love with both and knew that we needed to become a dealer /installer to help bring this fabulous product to Lake Michigan.

 Here in the lower end of Lake Michigan, and the surrounding lakes and rivers, we only get 6 months tops on the water, and we know that our entire boating community,  like us, takes pride in their boats appearance but still places a premium on the amount of quality time they get to spend on their boats. That's where a synthetic teak decking and woodwork product comes in. From swim platforms to bow pulpits, PlasDeck beautifies your boat with a fraction of the cost and none of the work of teak. Once we put it on our boats, we knew that everyone else would love the look and features at a price that makes sense as well. So look at our gallery of boats and see what your boat could look like with PlasDeck today!

Great Lakes Teak LLC
Chicago, IL 60603

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